Our Programs
Tiny Tumblers
ages 3-5
Our tiny tumblers class is designed to make learning constructive and fun! They learn all of their basic tumbling skills such as front rolls, back rolls, handstands, and back bends. But the class also helps get them prepared for school by teaching them how to stay in line, show focus, and patience.

Beg, Int, Adv Classes
ages 6-18
The kid's class is divided up by skill level: beginner, intermediate, or advance. Each class specializes in different skills while also working on fitness aspects like strength, flexibility, and coordination. Tumbling also improves important life skills such as determination, confidence, and self discipline.
Parkour and Tricking
ages 6-18
Parkour and tricking combines elements of martial arts and tumbling. It teaches you how to make the world your playground. Learn standard flips like backflips and front flips, but you will also learn how to run on walls, flip off of objects, and combine kicks and flips together. Become fearless and have ninja like coordination.
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